Project Description

This project is to extend an in-house hp finite element computational fluid dynamics (CFD) code developed for high-order accurate direct numerical simulations of single and multi-phase flows and extend it to three dimensions. The current code uses an unstructured, moving, adapting mesh of triangles to perform ALE simulations of problems with moving interfaces such as solidification, gas-liquid flows, and liquid-liquid immiscible flows. The student will extend it to 3D by using prism elements. Parallelization will be done using a 2D domain decomposition of the triangular mesh and a planar decomposition of the prism planes. An approach for decomposing the 2D triangular mesh and 3D planes will be developed that achieves optimal load balancing while reducing parallel communication costs. This code will then be tested for scalability for 3D flow over a wing where the geometry is 2D with periodic boundary conditions in the third dimension. It will also be applied to perform 3D simulations of horizontal ribbon growth which complements work on an NSF CMMI grant recently awarded to Helenbrook and Paek, entitled ``Horizontal Crystal Growth of Single-Crystal Silicon''.